Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Quotes on Stammering

These are some memorable quotes from  "self-therapy for the stutterer" by Malcolm Fraser, published by The Stuttering Foundation of America.
The stutterer must conquer his own problems. No one else can do it for him.(Van Riper)

Stuttering is an anticipatory struggle reaction. (Bloodstein)

We all have different personalities and our pattern of stuttering is distinct and interwoven in the unique personalities. (Garland)

Stuttering is what you do trying not to stutter again.(Johnson)

The stutterer attempts to force the articulation of his words and speaking now becomes a muscular rather than a mental process. (Bluemel)

Crucial to this point is the fact that struggle and avoidance worsen a problem of stuttering. (Moses)

Accept the fact that you have a serious problem. Stand squarely on both feet, place your shoulders back and begin to earnestly attack your problem. (Barbara)

Assume an assertive posture - physically be committed to moving forward. Use your body language to advantage. (G.F. Johnson)

This view holds that any human problem is, in many important ways, a disorder of thinking. (Manning)

One of my patients was a city official who made a practice of taking whisky before giving his weekly report to the City Council. Soon his alcoholism became a more serious problem than his stammering, and he was hospitalized for this condition. (Bluemel)

A few minutes of meditation and relaxation each day can help the spirit. (G. Johnson)

Once the stutterer has localized the places in the vocal tract where he habitually exerts too much tension, he may practice stuttering with less of it. (Bloodstein)

Although it is a tough row to hoe at first, there is nothing as therapeutic as self-confrontation. (Rainey)

At some point in the therapy process the stutterer must become desensitized to his stuttering. (Kamhi)

Stuttering is a tough opponent. It never gives up. You’ve got to keep knocking it down to stay in command. (Starbuck)

A valuable precondition for successful therapy is the deep inner conviction of the stutterer in the creditability of his disorder—combined with a fighting spirit and a readiness to undergo hardships and deprivations. (Freund)

Men who have achieved in this world have been guided by inspiration, by vision, by faith in themselves and by faith in the unknown. (Wedberg)


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