Monday, September 6, 2010

Sheehan's Iceberg

As a stutterer, i need to accept that Sheehan's Analogy was indeed true for me to a great extent. The way it seems to me , the problem needs to be tackled from down under.

Needs be neutralized with acceptance. Accept the stutter. Accept that there is a speech difficulty which can show up. Accept it before the public and world. Feel proud at the fact that i am at least accepting my stutter.
When i accept my stutter , i am accepting my real self.

Don't ever allow myself to be felt isolated even mentally by this speech difficulty. There are many other facing this issue. Get my act together and i can be in self help groups and support groups where this difficulty is considered normal for everyone in it. Boost up my morale. Stand united and figure out ways together to fight against this difficulty.

There are stutterers who made it big in life and those who have achieved. Get inspired and understand life is not just about stuttering. Like everyone, there can be a satisfying and happy life for me with/without stuttering. Have reasonable dreams and work towards it.

One of the hardest one to combat, at least for me.
The anxiety that whether i will be able to start and complete what i want to say without the stutter and the blocks and the thought that i may end up being embarrassed before others and my presumption that i may look disabled before others.. Anxiety builds up i scan forward what i have/need to say and it becomes stronger the more i try to pacify it. There is also the long term anxiety which i think is really a fear about how the stutter will affect my life.
Make up the mind that i will complete what i need/have to say whether i stutter or not. Make up the mind that even if i block, i will take my time and come back from the block. I myself have accepted my stutter. Let it be known to others too. Promise yourself that you will say what you want/feel to say exactly as you want , even if its take time. Promise yourself that Avoidance and Substitution has no place in your talk.

Think from a broader perspective. Guilt happens to all persons, not just for me and for many reasons. Others have their own reason for their guilt. Even i have many other reasons for my guilt.
To offset the guilt from stuttering, decide i will give my best to combat the stutter, even if i succeed or not. Think that i will need to rise again and again, during the times of my fall. I am only defeated, when i fail to rise after the fall. Giving my best is what i can do and believe there is no room  for guilt. If i can think of some positive aspects of stuttering like a deeper thought process, it helps more.

No one is perfect. Also, those who are very talkative throughout, tend to say more nonsense and rubbish things. I'll better be the silent one than the one to say nonsense and rubbish things fluently throughout my life. And no one is 100% fluent. There are only practical rates of fluency which i am trying to obtain. I can at least speak some how, that itself is a great gift.

A result of anxiety related to stuttering. Seems to a long term villain. In my case, anxiety and fear appears to be related with each other with the first leading to the second.

Take on the fear by preparing for the worst. Being a stutterer is not bad. I am striving for the better and as long as i am striving, i can expect better returns.

My trust in a Supreme Lord should help me here to rise over the fear. My faith that if i have questions, there are answers too, even if i am unable to understand it for now or ever. Sorry Nietzsche.

Conquer your fear, and I promise you, you will conquer death.(From the movie, Alexander)
Fools rush in where angels fear to thread.(Quote by Alexander Pope).

With a grasp on all this problems underneath, the main objective still remains what that is seen above - My attempts to lessen my stuttering to practical levels which i think is acceptable.


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